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Article: Giving Your Walls a Spring Refresh

Giving Your Walls a Spring Refresh

Giving Your Walls a Spring Refresh


Spring. Just the very mention of the season brings to mind open windows, shiny floors, and freshly scrubbed tiles. Everything feels new and bright.


But when was the last time you changed the artwork on your gallery wall? Or updated the canvas on your mantel? Or even worse - maybe there’s a wall that you just can’t decide how to decorate. It just sits there, blank, waiting for at least a vacation photo.


Trying to decide what to do with a wall can seem frustrating at best, and overwhelming to say the least. Here are 5 tips for giving your wall a Spring Rest.


1. Lighten Up

Spring means light and airy, both in color and in texture. If you have heavy wooden frames, it’s a good time to switch them up for something lighter. White or light wooden frames always look more appropriate, seasonally speaking. You can choose a glossy frame if you prefer a more sophisticated sheen. Or, if you’re more into the “casual chic” look, there are plenty of distressed white/ light frames that will suit your style perfectly.


While you’re at it, lighten up your subject matter. If your wall decor consists of dark colors, consider changing them for a lighter, brighter palette. If you have pictures from an old ski trip, try switching them with pictures with a more spring-like feel, such as a picnic, a day on the water, or even a vibrant garden scene.


2. Add Pops of Color

Spring is all about blossoming trees and blooming flowers. So while monochromatic color schemes can have their appeal at other times of the year, now it’s time to brighten up your walls with some color. If you’re hesitant to try really bold colors, look for pastel versions of your favorite hues. You’ll love what a little light blue can do for your walls!


If you have several pieces of art on display, try to unite them through color. They don’t have to be an exact match. In fact, it’s better if they’re not. But having a common color running through them will give your room a more cohesive, put together look.


3. It’s All About the Flowers

Let your walls bloom! Spring evokes images of lush gardens and showstopping flowers. Bring that sense of growth and renewal to your walls with art that showcases flowers, either growing wild or collected in vases. You can even add some seed catalogue to keep it fun.


To add even more emphasis to your theme, try adding multiple florals. You can choose 2-3 pictures of the same flower, or different flowers that are in the same shade. Just like a real garden, plant your favorites so you can enjoy them.


4.  Don’t Forget the Holiday

When you think of Spring, you probably think of Easter, too. So when you refresh your walls, try to include some Easter-themed art, as well.


 If you are a devout Christian, you can focus on the more religious aspects of the holiday. There are beautiful paintings depicting Easter, even with something as simple as a cross as its focal point.


On the other hand, if you prefer to keep things a little less religious, you can still include Easter. Highlight the freshness and joy of the holiday with whimsical artwork depicting bunnies, lambs, or painted eggs,


5. Get Furry

Or fuzzy, or feathery. Farmers will tell you that spring is also a time of birth in the animal kingdom. Cute baby animals are everywhere! Bring them to your walls, too. Do you have a favorite? Add a few pictures of a baby chick or goat to your collection. If you’re not an animal person, you can add in some farmhouse decor with vintage-looking pieces.


While you’re giving your walls a Spring Cleaning, consider adding some interchangeable artwork. You hang a frame (or two, or three) with a metal back. Then you simply snap a magnet-backed print into place. It’s that easy! And as the seasons and holidays change, so can your decor.


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