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Article: From Barn Doors to Picture Frames

From Barn Doors to Picture Frames

From Barn Doors to Picture Frames

Barnwood is a popular material used for decoration in the United States. The rustic, eye catching wood creates a visually interesting piece that commands attention. The raw material is one of the few that can be described as sophisticated while being uniquely unfussy. At Ginger Blue Décor, our barnwood frames come from actual barnwood located throughout New England. In this article, we are going to show you the behind the scenes work of how we go about finding and creating authentic barnwood frames:

Stephen hard at work

Finding the Barn

There are many old barns in the New England countryside, and they have been used for a multitude of things. Some barns were storehouses for hay. Others were used to house horses, goats, or other livestock. These barns have lived its purpose as a barn and are ready to be made into something entirely new and special. Simply put, people who buy beautiful countryside property, but do not have a need for the barn on their property, call us and ask if we can take it down. Once we do take it down, this authentic barnwood is ours to keep.



Transforming Barnwood Into a Picture Frame
The process of taking down a barn takes about two weeks. To take a barn down, we gather a couple of pickup trucks, some chains, and gloves to protect our hands. We carefully start by knocking down the top floor beginning with the siding and then we take down the floor. When the barn’s frame is all that is standing, pickup trucks pull it down with chains. Then, each nail is painstakingly removed by hand one board at a time. When we get the stack of wood back to our shop, we may paint it to give the frame a cohesive look, but most of the time we will leave the wood as we found it giving the frame a shabby chic vibe.  You can check out the different aesthetics we create by using the natural wood or a little bit of paint here:




Why We Love Barnwood
Barnwood is a rustic style of decoration that looks timeless. In New England, the most popular types of barns are made from oak, poplar, chestnut, pine, or hickory. The natural element of our farmhouse style of picture frames adds warmth and uniqueness to the room. Reclaimed wood wall décor’s weathered appearance also reminds us of the New England countryside.

Rustic wood frames can be used to make eye catching pieces of decoration. A room can be traditional or modern, formal, or relaxed, and visually warm or cool. You can make your space look its best while reflecting your personal sense of style by using reclaimed wood wall décor. It is pleasing, compliments furniture, fabrics, and paints colors, and you can personalize the space by including pictures of your loved ones inside our frames.


Are you curious what the barn looks like when we take the whole thing down? Look at this clip and see:

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