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Article: How to Create a great Gallery Wall

How to Create a great Gallery Wall

How to Create a great Gallery Wall


Do you have a wall that you’re not quite sure how to decorate? Maybe it’s that oversized space over the living room couch - nothing you’ve tried looks quite right.


A gallery wall is one of the best solutions to the blank-wall design dilemma. It’s so much more personal and interesting than just hanging an item or two. A gallery wall encourages you to pull together items that showcase who you are: your likes, your lifestyle, and your personality.


Creating a gallery wall might seem overwhelming at first. They look charming and inviting in farmhouse style magazine shoots, but where do you start?


Take a deep breath, we’re here to help you figure it out. Our guide will walk you through how to create a gorgeous, personality-driven gallery wall in just four easy steps.


1. Choose Your Focal Point

The first thing you’ll want to do when creating your gallery wall is to pick your focal point. It can be a photograph, painting, mirror - anything you choose. Just make sure it’s something you love, because you’ll be hanging it in the center of your wall and looking at it every day.


Everything else you add to your gallery wall will harmonize in some way with your focal point: in color, style, or subject matter.


2. Develop a Theme

One of the drawbacks of creating a gallery wall is that, with so many items, it can easily look disorganized. By choosing a theme, you can create harmony and unity among your items. This will result in an organically curated design that looks intentional, not cluttered.


Your focal point will point you towards the right theme. Take a moment here to analyze what you love most about it. What drew you to it? Is it the colors, or the subject matter? Maybe it just evokes a special memory. Whatever it is about your focal art that inspires you,


3. Add More Items

With your focal point and theme in mind, choose additional items for your space. Here’s your chance to really have fun!


  • Texture: A gallery wall is the perfect place to add a wall sculpture or even a picture ledge. Maybe a roughly-textured wall hanging. Add some depth to make your gallery wall even more interesting.
  • Pictures: Sure, you can use whatever framed pictures you already have around the house. But why not take it a step further? Use frames made with similar colors or materials for a more cohesive, eye-pleasing look.
  • Color: Look at your focus piece again. Which colors draw you in and make you smile? Don’t go overboard here. Depending on the size of your gallery wall, two or three colors should be your maximum.
  • Words: Do you have a favorite quote or word? Work it into your gallery wall so you can read it every day for inspiration.


4. Arrange and Rearrange

Once you have all of your items picked out, mark off a space on the floor the same size as your gallery wall. Place your focus piece in the center, and then start arranging the rest of your items around it.


Play with your design! Arrange and rearrange all you’d like, without worrying about nail holes. This is your chance to create a gallery wall that is just right for you.


Once you’re happy with your layout, it’s time to get to work. Start with your focal point. Hang it up in the center of the wall, right around eye level. Then continue adding items to create your gallery wall.


And there you have it - your gallery wall is complete!


If you’re not quite sure what to use as your focal point, interchangeable artwork is the perfect solution. Hang a metal-backed frame in the center of the wall, and then change out the magnetic prints whenever inspiration strikes or the seasons change. You’ll still have the gorgeous gallery wall you want, but with an easy way of updating and refreshing the look as often as you want.

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