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Article: How to choose the perfect picture frame

How to choose the perfect picture frame

How to choose the perfect picture frame

How to Choose a Picture Frame:

A carefully selected picture can add a bright spot to a room or happily remind us of family members and other loved ones. A picture frame can help draw attention to an image, while complimenting the rest of a room’s décor. Here at Ginger Blue Décor, we wanted to find a way to make you feel the most comfortable in your space by allowing you to add any pictures for a frame as you see fit. Each of our frames has a special magnet embedded in the corners. The magnets in the frame are attracted to the magnets on a special paper where we can print your own personalized photo. All that is required of you is to decide where in your room you want to place this beautiful custom frame art. But for now, we are going to help you understand how to choose the right frame for your photo.

Deciding on Your Style
Since pictures and picture frames are often used to enhance a space, it is important to decide how you want people to feel when entering a space. Spring décor is a great example to use in a shared space. This style brings elements like warmth, happiness, and pastoral colors into our space. Flowers and other still life photographs are well suited for this style. Another option you can choose from is barnwood flare. Unlike distressed furniture, our special Barnwood frames are genuinely reclaimed from barns in New England. The texture and color of this barnwood style brings a unique addition to both the room and photograph. For visual details check this link:

Choosing Color
When you are deciding to choose a color frame for your photo, choose a color that compliments your photograph. If you have a picture with vibrant colors such a bright red, green, or yellow, use a dark frame so the colors in the photograph will grab your viewer’s attention. Dark chestnut or our Oregano frame is a great example of this color: If your picture has soft colors such a lilac, rose, or light blue, the frame color that best fits these photos will be equally soft and warmly neutral.


Frame Options - Texture
The frame is the wooden or metal edging that encases your artwork. It is commonly referred to as a picture frame or a photo frame. Abstract art or blank and white photos are complimented with the industrial nature of a metal frame. Rather than drawing attention from the picture, metal frames enhance the display with a crisp finish. Photos of a loved one or a group friends can be enhanced with the simplistic wooden frame. Wooden art frames add an element of natural softness and subtly draw attention to the spirit of the picture inside.



Size of the Frame
Things that you will need to consider when purchasing a frame will include knowing where you will like the picture to live. Some frames can go above a doorway, some are put on bookshelves, and some are put on the wall. Wherever you decide to put your frame, be sure to measure the space first. If you have a large wall, you can also use this space as an area for a collage of picture frames. These frames can range in sizes and still belong together.


The color, texture, and size of a frame can add beautiful intensify or subtle nuance to a photograph. What we have done is allow you to have both without the hassle of changing out the glass each time to want a new picture in a frame. Let us know which of your photos you would like to see framed.




It was helpful when you said that the color of the frames that you must choose should be based on what could compliment your photograph. This is something that I will consider because I want to have our new family portraits framed. My plan is to display them in the living room, so it is important for me to find frames that can work as the focal point of the house.

Shammy Peterson

Thank you for explaining that something to consider when choosing a frame is where you intend for the picture to hang. My friend was telling me that she has a few older photos that she’s looking to put up in her house, but she doesn’t have frames for them yet. I’ll be sure to pass this on to her so that she knows that it could be a little bit more complicated than just finding one that she likes if she wants it to be perfect.

Olivia Smart

Thank you for the advice to measure the space where you want the picture to go before purchasing a frame. I’ve been wanting to decorate the walls around our house some more and have been looking at some frames lately. I’ll be sure to make some measurements so that we can have frames that are proportionate to the space available.

Olivia Smart

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