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M-001 19" Single Mantel Shelf

Sale price $109.95

This is a Ginger Blue design that is made to resemble a mantel. We use real poplar wood from a mill in Massachusetts and mold each piece to give it a true mantle look. We use what appears to be ceiling tin to give it a vintage feel. This mantle looks great as a headboard, mantle over a fire place, or used behind a sofa. This piece is assembled in our studio located in Saugerties, NY by Stephen and Pam Montes. All rights reserved.

  • 19" x 18" dimensions
  • the images are for the triple shelf. the actual shelf will be 1 single panel width.
  • This mantle design holds 3 small prints
  • The backing is embossed from steel. It is not Tin. allowing our magnetic prints to display.
  • It is surrounded by hardwood Poplar frame.
  • The top is 4.75" and is also made of solid hardwood Poplar
  • The cornice is embossed Steel.
  • Magnetic prints are not included. The mini frames shown in picture are not included.
  • Please note The pictures for different colour choices are of our triple mantles. If you are interested in the 3 picture design please see the 43" version
    M-001 19" Single Mantel Shelf Sale price $109.95