Fresh Lemons

by Ginger Blue Decor

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Product Description

In "Fresh Lemons," a vibrant artwork awakens the senses, capturing the essence of tangy citrus and the vibrant hues of nature's bounty. The composition showcases a collection of plump, ripe lemons, their bright yellow skins bursting with freshness. Each brushstroke brings forth a vivid depiction, invoking a craving for their zesty fragrance and the promise of refreshing flavor. This piece invites viewers to savor the simple pleasures of life and revel in the invigorating energy that fresh lemons impart. Immerse yourself in the lively imagery of "Fresh Lemons" and let their vibrant presence infuse your surroundings with a burst of natural vitality.

(Outside Dimensions) Small Magnet 5.75" x 5.75" | Small Frame 10" x 10" | Large Magnet 11.5" x 11.5" | Large Frame 16" x 16" | XL Magnet 23" x 23" | XL Frame 28" x 28"

Barnwood Frames Our frames are all made from centuries old barnwood. We have removed every board by hand and removed every nail. Cracks , splits, nail holes and uneven surfaces are common to this wood. We will make every attempt to make sure that despite this fact your frame will be "perfect" if not we will make every effort to fix the problem.

Our Crown frames are made from pine and moulded in a 2" crown pattern.

Our classic frames are embossed metal centers (not flat except for the center where the magnet is placed) surrounded by our crown 2" frames

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