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City of Fog

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The size:
Outside Dimension Of Frames

Small 10" x 10"

Large 16" x 16"

XL 27" x 27"

HS 16" x 12"

HX 27" x 18"



In "City of Fog," a captivating artwork unveils a mesmerizing scene engulfed in a mystical mist. The composition portrays a cityscape cloaked in a thick veil of fog, where buildings and streets fade into ethereal shadows. The play of light and shadow creates an atmosphere of mystery and intrigue. This piece invites viewers to immerse themselves in the enigmatic allure of the urban landscape, evoking a sense of curiosity and contemplation. It serves as a reminder of the hidden beauty and untold stories that reside within the foggy depths of the city. Immerse yourself in the enchanting presence of the "City of Fog" and let its atmospheric charm transport you to a world of urban enchantment, where the boundaries between reality and fantasy blur in the embrace of mist and shadows.

City of Fog
City of Fog Sale price $8.95