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Children with Gifts

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The size:
Outside Dimension Of Frames

Small 10" x 10"

Large 16" x 16"

XL 27" x 27"

HS 16" x 12"

HX 27" x 18"



In "Children with Gifts," a heartwarming artwork captures the spirit of giving and the joy of receiving during the holiday season. The composition portrays a group of children eagerly gathered together, their hands filled with beautifully wrapped gifts. Their eyes sparkle with anticipation and delight, reflecting the magic of exchanging presents. This piece invites viewers to embrace the warmth and excitement of the holiday spirit, evoking a sense of wonder and gratitude. It serves as a reminder of the joy that comes from both giving and receiving, and the special bond created through the act of sharing. Immerse yourself in the enchantment of "Children with Gifts" and celebrate the cherished moments of love and generosity that define the holiday season.

Children with Gifts
Children with Gifts Sale price $8.95