Have you seen our Snowmen Family boards???

Welcome to Ginger Blue!


Do you have someone on your gift list that is hard to buy for or just loves personalized and unique gifts? The Snowmen Family Boards are perfect! We have boys, girls, men, women and of course dogs and cats! Each member of the "snowmen family" can be personalized with a fine point Sharpie marker. We recommend to practice on paper before you personalize your snowmen.


This series is hand painted by Pam Montes. It comes from years of painting our bunny dolls' clothes. (Each bunny would have different scenes from the garden, making snowmen, and  making cookies!) One day Pam decided to add snowmen to the Ginger Blue collection. Snowmen Families was born!! They were painted on cedar planks and personalized by us. We have added the snowmen to our collection of magnetic art.  We are happy to announce the Snowmen Families have returned magnetized. We hope you enjoy all of the pieces that come together to make your own Snowmen Family! Enjoy!!


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