Small frame bundle 3 piece

$75 $99

Special price. limited time.  custom frames made with barnwood.  square frame. 

whats included:

magnet frame: 3 10" square frames, 3 custom 6" magnet pictures, 3 hangers 2" moulding

non-magnet frame: 3 8" framed custom  prints 3 hangers 1.5" moulding

Outside dimension of frame- S Small Magnet 5.75" x 5.75"- S Small framed 10" x 10"- L Med/Large magnet 11.5" x 11.5"- L Med/Large framed 16" x 16"- XL extra large 23" x 23"- XL extra large framed 28" x 28"

Barnwood Frames Our frames are all made from centuries old barnwood. We have removed every board by hand and removed every nail. Cracks , splits, nail holes and uneven surfaces are common to this wood. We will make every attempt to make sure that despite this fact your frame will be "perfect" if not we will make every effort to fix the problem.

Our Crown frames are made from pine and moulded in a 2" crown pattern.

Our classic frames are embossed metal centers (not flat except for the center where the magnet is placed) surrounded by our crown 2" frames

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